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   Jazz ‘in the Garden’….or more likely, inside!

DiagramDescription automatically generatedSt Saviour’s is so happy to be able to mark its New Beginnings, as we slowly emerge from over a year of restrictions back to our enjoyment of company and of good things, with a Saturday afternoon of Jazz on 22nd May. Mark Crooks (sax), and his acclaimed Trio with vocalist Georgia Mancio and guitarist Colin Oxley, conceived this event - as the poster describes it – to be an afternoon of jazz in the ‘beautiful seclusion’ of our church garden.

Well… it IS going ahead but, as I write, the weather appears to have other ideas, and wind and rain seems to be set to stay well into this weekend. Unless the trend alters by Saturday mid-morning, we will simply move this feast of jazz and bossa nova to the inside of the church, as live professional music performance is again permitted indoors as of May 17th.

These three have performed inside St Saviour’s before, and though the afternoon may not end up as planned, there’s a wonderful cool intimacy in their music and lyrics which St Saviour’s acoustic will catch very nicely! Do come, and enjoy!…..


Government’s mixed messages to amateur choirs

This week, two choirs associated with our churches – Belsize Community Choir at St Peter’s and London Sound Project (LSP) at St Saviour’s had planned carefully to return in some way to rehearsing in our space. But on Tuesday 18th the Department of Media, Sport and Culture (….could there be any significance in culture being the last of those categories named, we wonder?....) ‘updated’ their guidelines, which according to a press release reveal that ‘non-professional singing indoors should only take place in a single group of up to 6 people’. The fall-out has been huge inconvenience to BCC and LSP and groups like them.
Other choirs had significant concerts planned, with venues, grand pianos and instrumentalists hired for them, and these have had to be cancelled, causing waste of their valuable funds.

The updated guidelines are at:

LSP ‘is a friendly community-led choir in North London, performing contemporary songs with a pro-band’. BCC is ‘an inclusive, fun, engaging community that values the playful and relaxed pursuit of choral excellence’ To find out more about each and to view their lockdown videos online go to their websites: and


   Creating Space for the Community

A picture containing indoor, stoneDescription automatically generatedPlans for developing the back of St Saviour’s into a Community Space developed initially out of a growing need – highlighted by the pandemic - for toilet and kitchen facilities in the church space. In developing these plans with the church Architects a more widespread and ambitious plan is evolving, to create a Space which the church council would like to be shared, both by St Saviour’s congregation and people living in the local community - of all faiths or of none.  This would aim to meet some of the social and material needs of the neighbourhood.

St Saviour’s Nave pictured from the font. This will keep its position at the rear.

The plan is to remove about four rows of pews at the back of the Nave, creating a space large enough for removable chairs and tables. There’s also a plan to remove some pews from the side aisles to provide additional storage for those who use this communal space, and who hire the Octagon Hall.

COST will obviously be a big factor in these plans, and we will be seeking donations for this project.
An evening’s training and discussion on ‘How Fund Raising Works’ is planned on June 9th at 4.30pm with
a former member of St Saviour’s – Tim Ruthven, of Imperial College Business School, and we will be on
the look-out for a possible ‘community partnership’ (with, for instance, a suitable charity or other social project). A specific fund is being established to collect for this project. Any cheque donations made for the project now can be made out to ‘The PCC of St Saviour’s Hampstead’ – with ‘Community Space Project’ written on the back, and this will ensure it is put only to that use (please send cheques to St Saviour’s Vicarage, 30 Eton Villas, NW3 4SQ)

Both our churches are already committed, as you will know, to making their buildings available to the community for cultural and other events outside of their regular worship and prayer, and over this difficult year each have welcomed the increased appreciation and use of their church gardens by people and families of all ages. St Peter’s is also working with an architect to make its internal space more flexible and inclusive. We will keep you posted of developments at each church.
To give to either church online, please go the Giving page of the relevant websites – or



     New Times of Worship

One unexpected by-product of the many months we have all spent in adjusting to an ever-changing landscape because of Covid-19 has been that we rightly look more critically at some things we used to take for granted. One much-talked-of example has been how ‘essential’ it really is always to work in the office, rather than from home.

When I arrived at St Peter’s and St Saviour’s as Priest-in-Charge of both, the underlying assumption made by most – including myself – was that we would need to shoe-horn a main Parish Eucharist for both churches into each Sunday morning. So, whereas each church had worshipped at 10.30am under their two separate vicars formerly, St Saviour’s moved its Eucharist time earlier, and St Peter’s later (latterly, to 9.30am and 11.45am respectively). With the benefit of the time we’ve necessarily spent away from that regime we’ve been able to see that this compromise is perhaps neither the best solution, nor the best use of the time available. Each church’s PCC have now agreed a new timetable.

  • 10.30am is now the time of our morning Sunday Eucharists, with each church alternating for this time, holding afternoon worship every other week
  • St Saviour’s will hold a 10.30am service on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, St Peter’s on 2nd and 4th (this started at St Saviour’s on May 16th, and will start at St Peter’s on May 23rd)
  • Where there is a 5th Sunday in the month, both congregations will join together for
    a 10.30am service, in alternating venues
    (starting at St Saviour’s on May 30th)

Around this basic template, other special and occasional services will be woven over time, some of which may be lay-led. When in doubt as to what happens where, you can always consult the church websites or look at their Porch Notice Boards!

   From Jazz to Baroque

St Peter’s resident orchestra has missed playing and performing, and we have all missed hearing them, but
now at last that deprivation is ending.
On Sunday 30th May at 6.30pm they can be heard, directed by Lucy Russell, in great baroque orchestral
music by J.S.Bach, Handel, Telemann and Maurice Green.

All are welcome on the basis of first come, first served,
but please note that this is a ticketed event (at £15)
and that tickets must be booked in advance!