Congregational Bulletin


  • Food Bank Collections

Since lockdown and the closure of churches our separate church Food Bank collections have not been taking place. But that has coincided with a growing need of this movement that exceeds any we have experienced before. The Revd. Dennis Bury has been active in his local Food Bank for a number of years, and that has recently expanded to meet the growing demand. He will give the sermon at our Zoom Eucharist on 5th July – sharing with us his experience. He says that he is increasingly preoccupied with this work, and is dismayed at ‘just how little so many seem to have’. People who were in full employment and have formerly contributed to their local food bank have now found themselves in need of it, as lockdown has affected the economy and their jobs have been lost.

Trisha McConnell has delivered St Saviour’s donations to our local Food bank at Chalk Farm Baptist Church since the church started its regular collection. Having discussed the situation with me, and encouraged by St Saviour’s PCC, we have decided to have a weekly Wednesday Collection in each church. This will be at a time when each is open for individual prayer: between 10.30am and 11.30am at St Saviour’s (leaving donations on the Provost Road steps – or just inside the door there if it is raining), and in the entrance porch of St Peter’s between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. If you cannot deliver on Wednesdays it will be possible to leave your donations with us on another day the churches are open at those times (Tuesday to Saturday at St Saviour, and Tuesday to Sunday at St Peter). Trisha will arrive to load-up donations towards the ends of each collection, for delivery the next day.

Please take this opportunity to contribute. Food Banks are a life-line to many just now!   

  • Preparing for return to public worship

Our church officers have met with Fr. Petrica, our Children’s Minister, and myself to discuss the Government’s announcement that Churches will be allowed to hold public worship again from 4th July. These measures are permissive, but do not legislate for every situation. We are happy that we can begin a process towards resumption of Sunday morning Eucharists in each church, but it is clear that a significant number of our members will continue to need to shield, and stay at home so that live-streaming, which has worked well to hold our communities together so far, will continue to be necessary for some time to come. It has also been recognised that online worship has connected us to both old and new friends, far and near, so that the technology is here to stay – beyond the immediate pandemic. Steps will be taken to allow us eventually to have some live-streaming provision from each church.

So for now, our intention is that from Sunday 5th July:

Sunday Morning Zoom Services will continue at 10.30am

Each Church will hold a Said Eucharist (no singing is allowed in church as yet) each Sunday afternoon, where those attending can receive the sacrament in the form of bread only (no wine), keeping appropriate social distance. Times to be confirmed

Junior Church will meet face to face again, either in church or the church garden – possibly on Sunday afternoon or Sunday morning – please ‘watch this space’, and listen out: Petrica may consult with parents about this!

Each church will also hold its regular midweek Holy Communion service (Thursday 10.30am St Peter’s, 1.15pm St Saviour’s) but with no food or drink provided afterwards. The above restrictions will also apply here.

Daily Prayer (8.30am Morning Prayer at St Saviour, 5pm Evening Prayer at St Peter – said by Fr. Paul) will be available again for others to join at safe social distance.


  • Individual Prayer

The first stage in the relaxation of lockdown and closure for our places of worship was, of course, the possibility of opening for individual prayer – granted from June 15th. We have taken up this possibility most days (Tue-Sunday at St Peter, Tue-Saturday at St Saviour) opening the rear of each building for an hour each day – from 10.30am at St Saviour and 3.30pm at St Peter.

Though the numbers have varied, those who come into each church are observing the health precautions and all are keeping a prayerful focus.
                                                                                              St Peter’s set-out for individual prayer            

We often say (rightly) that ‘church is the people’. But it has been moving to see how some have really appreciated being able to come to their local church building specifically
to pray.