Church Life

The ‘Kingdom Season’

The weeks leading up to Advent are often called ‘The Kingdom Season’. Following the weeks of Remembrance, the Sunday readings take on a more brooding tone, and we hear some strangely apocalyptic texts. The theme of judgement is heard and

you might be left with a sense that the ‘Kingdom of God’ is all ‘doom and gloom’! But although the first Christians inherited from the Jewish literature of the 1st century, and before, the language of apocalyptic revelation, it’s notable that Jesus in the Gospels often distances himself from it. For example, when the Pharisees ask him when the Kingdom of God is coming, he answers, “The Kingdom of God is not coming

with things that can be observed; nor will they say, “Look, her it is!” or “there it is!”. For, in fact, the

kingdom of God is among you.” (Luke 17:20-21). In the Gospel for this 2nd Sunday before Advent, he says of wars, and disasters (and we are surely seeing plenty of them now!) “…do not be alarmed; this must take place, but the end is still to come…this is but the beginnings of the birth pangs” (Mark 13:7-8). This is not a warning of threatening punishment, but the promise of new things, and new beginnings, for which we do not have to wait, but are ‘among us’ right now if only we will seek them out.

What - No Autumn Fair?

It’s sometimes good to take time out, and that’s what our church council (the PCC) decided for Autumn at St Saviour’s this year. For all my time, and long before, the annual Autumn Fair here was something of an institution. The thinking is that we will aim to mount a Fair around spring time instead. Significantly, at last year’s Autumn Fair for the first time we made the proceeds not for the church, but in aid of Foodbanks, and what is certain is that future Fairs – whenever they are held – will maintain this charitable purpose.

Come to this year’s Mystery Plays

Rehearsals are well in progress for our Mystery Plays in early Advent. The Chester Cycle of Medieval Mystery Plays are the subject of this year’s performances by the Players of St Peter at St Saviour’s between 5th and 8th December.  See the attached poster.

Plans for Carol Singing

A nucleus of singers from our Church Singing Group – composed of members of both St Saviour’s and St Peter’s churches - are planning to go Carol Singing for an evening or two in the week beginning 16th December. You will invited to join us in this, so listen out for further information!



Weekday Worship, Prayer and Activities

(any occasional variations will be indicated on the weekly porch notices)


Morning Prayer – lasting 20 or 25 mins - is usually said in the church at 8am from Tuesday to Friday, and at 9.30am on Saturday. You can join Paul where he sits in the Lady Chapel, or just come in and light a candle. On Saturdays the church normally stays open until 11am.

There is normally a service of Holy Communion – lasting just half an hour most Wednesdays at 1.15pm. It is followed (for those who can stay) by a simple lunch, for which donations are invited. The church stays open until 3.30pm most Wednesdays

The Gardening Group is held each Wednesday morning 10.30-12.30.  If you would like to join in ring Corinne on 020 7586 6869

The Weekly Bible Study meets for the month of  NOVEMBER  on Tuesday  at  10am  in            St Peter’s Church - ‘Encountering the Holy Spirit in Acts’

The Church Singing Group meets most Fridays at 6pm to prepare music for the following Sunday, a Psalm to lead, and occasional communion motets. It meets for the current month of November at St Saviour’s Church . To find out more, ring Paul on 07971 223764 *






                  9.30am Parish Eucharist             Celebrant and Preacher: Revd. Paul Nicholson


                  Readings: Daniel 12:1-3; Hebrews 10:11-14,19-25; Mark 13:1-8


                  Coffee and tea after the service


                   4.30pm     Taizé Worship Taizé Chant and Prayer for the Kingdom Season





                   9.45-11.45am  Parent & Toddler Group with play and refreshments

                            Enquiries: ring or text Frieda on 07714 471336)



                  6.00pm Church Singing Group


SATURDAY 24 NOVEMBER      1.30pm


                                Marriage  of  Tim Sharpe and Katy Goodwin


SUNDAY  25 NOVEMBER   CHRIST THE KING    The  Sunday Next Before Advent 

                  9.30am  Parish Eucharist           Celebrant and Preacher: Revd. Paul Nicholson                     

                  Readings: Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14; Revelation 1: 4b-8; John 18:33-37

                  Coffee and tea after the service                

                   4.30pm  Evening Prayer



                   9.45-11.45am Parent and Toddler Group with play and refreshments

                               Enquiries: ring or text Frieda on 07714 471336


                   7.30pm Hampstead Music Club Musical Evening       

FRIDAY 30  NOVEMBER            ANDREW  THE  APOSTLE           

                     6pm Church Singing Group





         9.30am Parish Eucharist      Celebrant and Preacher:  Revd. Paul Nicholson


                     Readings: Jeremiah 33:14-16; 1 Thessalonians 3:9- end; Luke 21: 25-36


                     Coffee and tea after the service


      4.30pm  Celebration of Wholeness and Healing with Laying on of Hands & Anointing